How to Play

Learn more every time you play

Checking out what just happened in a hand and looking at your past games is a great way to get better at poker. And it’s easy too with the hand history replayer.

You can look back at the last 100 hands you’ve played since you logged on and watch them play out exactly as they happened with the Hand Replayer. Just click the ‘Replayer’ icon on the table.


Hand selector

When you click the ‘Replayer’ icon a window will appear showing you the hands you’ve already played on that table. Choose the hand you’d like to watch.


Table name drop-down menu

  • All the tables you’ve played at during your current session will be shown at the top of the Replayer window
  • Pick a table number from the menu to see all the hands from that table
  • As soon as you select a table, the last hand played will automatically load in the Replayer

Things to remember:

  • The Replayer icon is only active after you’ve played at least one full hand at the table
  • Replayer needs Flash 9 or higher to work
  • Sorry, Replayer isn’t compatible with Windows 98, ME and NT.