How to Play

Setting yourself up

Player pictures

Everyone wants to look their best when they’re winning, which is why at partypoker you can decide exactly what you’d like to have as your player pic.

Pick from 42 unique player pics like the ones below:


Or, if you want to be really unique and original you can choose your own and upload it here in the client.


Your pic will represent you in all areas of the partypoker client from the game table to your profile page, so make sure you choose wisely. Unless you want everyone to think you’re a poker playing frog or something.

Bet slider

Making your life easier is what we’re all about and our bet slider is just one small part of that. There are three different types:

  • Classic. Your table balance is the midway point in the slider
  • Midway. The pot size is the midway point in the slider
  • Exponential. This slider will match your table balance

We’ve even added markers to show different points in the pot so you can see exactly how much you’re pushing in:

  • The first line = half the pot
  • The middle line = the full pot
  • The third line = 1.5x the full pot

You can change the middle three bet tabs as you please or simply turn them off if you prefer.

Auto buy in

Waiting around is no fun which is why you can automatically buy in to all our cash games.

There’s no need to use the buy in window as you can decide exactly how you join a table in the ‘Table options’ section.

You can even tick the ‘Auto post blind’ and the ‘Auto-rebuy to max’ boxes, which will let you concentrate on the best bit – playing poker.

Table focus

We know what’s like when you’re multi-tabling, you’re in the zone and the table in front of you is your number one priority. These tools are just what you need make sure you don’t miss out on a great hand at another table:

Get out in front

This is the default option and if selected the table that requires action will jump straight to the front of your screen.

Notify me

Select this option and to receive a notification every time an action is required. Click it and you’ll go straight to the table in question.

There is a third option if you like to go it alone. Select ‘Don’t do anything’ and you won’t receive any alerts when an action is required.


Multi-tabling at partypoker is nothing like multi-tasking in real life. We’ve got plenty of tools to help you master it and they’re all right here.

Opening new tables

Opening multiple tables is as easy as holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key and clicking the tables you want to play in the lobby. When you’ve got all the ones you want hit the ‘Open table(s)’ button or the ‘Return’ key and you’re away.

You can change the lobby preferences to keep the lobby full size when you open your first table too meaning you can keep selecting other tables before you play.

If you’re not sure which other tables to play simply hit the ‘Open table’ button and we’ll find you one based on the table you’re currently playing on. We’ll check everything from the game and the table stakes to players taking part to make sure you’re happy. Easy peasy.

Managing your tables

You’ll always be in control of your tables at partypoker. In fact the most difficult decision might just be working out the best way to manage them.

‘Cascade’ multiple tables into rows or ‘Tile’ them across your entire screen. If you’re feeling creative you can re-size them yourself and if it all goes wrong just hit ‘Default table size’ to make everything go back to normal.

You can even sort your open tables on screen with filters like game type or average pot size. So how you see the game is completely in your hands. Or at your fingertips, we should say.

Using two monitors

We can now automatically detect when you’re using two screens, meaning cascading or tiling your tables across both has never been simpler.


If you prefer to just use one monitor you can choose the ‘Use primary monitor only’ option in your preferences.

Stay alert

We make sure you’re always aware of what’s going on with our alert system. And with loads of options, how we get your attention is completely up to you.

Whether it’s your turn or you’re running out of time to make your mind up you’ll know about it with our time-out alerts.

Plus, we’ll give you a heads up when something important happens at one of your tables:

  • The Good hand alert will let you know if you’re dealt a great hand
  • The Big pot alert will be triggered if the pot reaches a certain size
  • The Raise sequence alert will go off if we notice any loose betting patterns

As soon as an alert activates, you’ll know all about it, trust us.

It’s your turn

Give the 'Your turn' button a click when it appears above the action area of the table and you’ll jump straight to the next table you can act on.

Keep ‘Ctrl’ while multi-tabling

Hold down ‘Ctrl’ to keep your current table at the front of the screen so you can finish your move. Release it and the next table that requires your attention will jump into focus.

That’s just one of our keyboard shortcuts. If you want to find out the rest, check out the full list below.

Table stacking

Chips aren’t the only thing you can stack at partypoker. If you’re multi-tabling you can pile tables on top of each other and jump between them whenever you like.

The console gives you access to all your tables at the same time.


The table list shows you all the vital bits, including all your tables, your hole cards, the hottest hands you’re holding and much, much more.

Click here if you want to know even more


The ‘Hand information’ section displays the actions from the hand you’re currently focussing on. That includes the total pot, your table balance and even your hand strength.

The ‘Action area’ lets you stay in control of all your hands with just one click and the ‘Urgent tables’ section will display the top 4 tables that need your attention. So you’ll never run out of time.

With all this at your fingertips you’ll have everything you need to make the best move, in the fastest time possible.

Then there’s the ‘Player information’ section, which is where you’ll find out who’s played, how they played, who’s next to play and when it’s your turn.

The ‘Hand information’ section displays the actions from the hand you’re currently focussing on. That includes the total pot, your table balance and even your hand strength.

Personalise your stack

We know you all play differently, whether it’s your monitor or the number of tables you like to play, which is why you can stack your tables however you like.

This is where you can tweak all the little options to suit your style

Tick ‘Advanced’ and you’ll get bigger fonts, extra features and enhanced navigation. Tick ‘Basic’ and while you won’t get all the same features you’ll be able to see more tables displayed at once.

To help all your preferred info stand out, you can make sure all the features that help you the most are included in your console.

Just put a tick in all the boxes you want and they’ll be there the next time you open your stacking console.


And if you really fancy mixing things up you can even have a modern 4-colour deck.

We’ve got every angle covered so now it’s just up to you to make the most of it all.

Single-click session options for multi-tabling

To make multi-tabling as easy as possible you can control everything with one click in one place. Just click the highlighted icon on the screenshot below to see all your options.

Click here for the full list of options

  • Sit out at ring game tables X
  • Sit out next big blind at ring game tables X
  • Away (post blind and fold); at all tournament tables Y
  • Sit out at all tables
  • Sit back in at ring game tables X
  • Sit back in at tournament tables X
  • Sit back in at all tables
  • Auto post blind/ante at all tables

Please note, X and Y indicate the number of tables you want the option to apply for.

Keyboard shortcuts

With these shortcuts you can do all the important stuff without even moving your mouse.

Here are the basics:

  • Ctrl + left arrow: fold or check/fold
  • Ctrl + up arrow: check or call
  • Ctrl + right arrow: bet or raise
  • Ctrl + your mouse wheel: changes the size of your bet

Get a look at the full list of shortcuts here

Action commands
Fold Ctrl + [left arrow]
Call or check Ctrl + [down arrow]
Bet, raise, or bet pot Ctrl + [right arrow]
Lower bet in big blind increments No Limit Only Ctrl + Shift + [down arrow]
Raise bet in big blind increments No Limit Only Ctrl + Shift + [up arrow]
Submit bet amount Return key or Ctrl + [right arrow]
Min Bet slider tab Ctrl+1
X2 Bet slider tab Ctrl+2
X3 Bet slider tab Ctrl+3
X4 Bet slider tab Ctrl+4
All-in Bet slider tab Ctrl+5
Pre-action commands
Check/fold Ctrl + Shift + [left arrow]
Call any or check/call Limit Only Ctrl + Shift + [up arrow]
Bet/raise or raise any Limit Only Ctrl + Shift + [right arrow]
General commands
Notes Ctrl+shift+N
Rebuy Ctrl+R
Quick Deposit Ctrl+Q
Cashier Ctrl+Y
Chat Ctrl+L
Leave table Ctrl+X
Table resize (Default size) Ctrl+Shift+R
Minimizing the focused table Alt+Spacebar+ N
Maximizing the focused table
(if size is less than max. size)
Alt+Spacebar+ X
Restoring the maximized table which is in focus Alt+Spacebar+ R
Tile Ctrl+Shift+ T
Cascade Ctrl+Shift+ C
Open Similar table Ctrl+S
Open Quick Seat preferences Ctrl+Shift+G
Open Your Favorites Ctrl+F
Fold to any bet Ctrl+Shift+F
Deal me out Ctrl+D
Auto Post Blind Ctrl+A
Muck Losing/Uncalled Hands Ctrl+Shift+L
Auto-rebuy to Max Ctrl+M
Away (Post blind and fold) Ctrl+D

You can even select actions in advance. Don’t worry if you change your mind, though. Just press the ‘Esc’ key before the action hits you or simply select another one.

If this sounds like the way you want to play, or you just want to give it a try, turn keyboard shortcuts on in ‘Table preferences’ and they’ll be available for you on all our tables.